Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kyle to Plockton

The islands on the way to Plockton are a good place to see wildlife, particularly Otters.  Today didn't disappoint; I had good sightings of at least four including one bringing a crab ashore to eat.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good photographs. 

The pretty village of Plockton is situated in a bay sheltered from the prevailing southwesterly weather.  It has National Trust for Scotland "Conservation" status and in the recent past has been the setting for a TV series about a rural policeman (Hamish MacBeth).  The village High School is particularly well known for it's Traditional Music academy which has produced some fine musicians and has an impressive array of guest tutors.  This Sunday morning it was very quiet; many of the houses around the two small harbours seem to be second homes. 

Leaving Plockton on the return leg, the view to the north is dominated by the Applecross hills across Loch Carron.  From inside one of the many islands, the Corbetts of Sgurr a' Chaorachain (peak of the little sheep) and Beinn Bhan (white hill) grab the attention.  The light wind had now dropped to almost nothing and the sun was shining - great paddling weather!

During the day I met with Murdo and Raymond.  These are lucky guys - this is one of their local paddles.  We headed slowly back towards Kyle, accompanied by curious Common Seals.  It had been a really good day, but the early evening was to prove the highlight.


  1. Great pictures and text, this is one my favourite stretches of coastline that I have seen in the UK. I remember it well from...... sorry, the train window when I travelled around Scotland on numerous occasions with a railrover ticket. Don't worry about the lack of your photos, I have hundreds but it is the memory with the ones you have here that count for me. Awesome, thanks.

  2. Thanks Jay :o)

    There can't be too many stretches of railway where you can see Seals and Otters out of the window!