Sunday, 21 November 2010

The end of autumn?

     It feels as if autumn is coming to an end here in the north east of Scotland.

                           The weather has been very mixed, with the first gales some weeks ago bringing rain and hail.

The leaves added a blaze of colour to the landscape before a particularly strong gale thrashed most of them off the trees

The higher hills have now had a covering of snow for nearly two weeks; this is Corryhabbie hill from Carn Daimh (Stag Cairn) in Speyside.

The trees look bare now, and the lower ground is wet.  The tatties are "howked" and the barley stubble is waiting to be ploughed in to restart the cycle, only the neeps (turnips) are still in the ground.  It really feels like the beginning of winter.


  1. Lovely colours, despite the time of year

  2. Brrr! Looks like a very cold place in Winter - but very beautiful in Autumn!!! Here, in the opposite side of the globe, the Summer is comming, with hotter and longer days, and here in South of Brazil we expect a very dry season because of "La Niña" in the Pacific waters.

    Nice photos!!!

    Come here to paddle with us!

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks Iain and Leonardo,

    There's still a bit of colour about, but winter has arrived today with snow.

    I've visited Brasil several times, but never paddled there - one day perhaps!

    Kind regards