Tuesday 24 August 2010

An unexpected opportunity

During a recent visit by my ship to the Clyde, I was able to paddle with two colleagues in the evenings after work. This was Stuart's first time in a sea kayak - the smile says it all!

We had fairly settled weather on both evenings; almost windless on one side of the Cowal peninsula and breezy on the other side so that we were able to find sheltered conditions for leisurely paddling. This was taken on the paddle back to Toward Point after a welcome pint.

We rounded Toward Point on both evenings. The light was built by Robert Stevenson for the Clyde Lighthouses Trust in 1812. The beam from the light shone into the bedroom window of one of the houses we lived at in Bute, but this was the closest I've seen the buildings.

We had a nice sunset on the second evening, a good finish to an unexpected opportunity to share a paddle with friends.