Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Filming the Tay Descent 2010

I've recently had the opportunity to help shoot a film. 

A friend, Simon Willis who owns Sunart Media, was filming the Tay Descent 2010 and asked me to film at one of the locations.  Simon was to shoot the footage on Saturday 23rd using six camera locations, then edit the footage and produce the film to be shown at 12 noon the following day as part of the Scottish Canoe Association's annual Canoe Show - quite a challenge!

The Tay Descent is intended as a Tour and a Race, open to all forms of canoe and kayak.  As the film shows, there were indeed all kinds of boats being paddled and all sorts of paddler taking part.

Having not used a video camera before, I was a bit nervous about messing things up.  However, Simon explained the workings of the camera and tripod when we met up at the River Tay on the Saturday morning.  I had scoped out positions to film from a few days previously, but in the intervening time heavy rain had raised the river to a high level.

The Descent took place on a fine autumn day.  As film locations go, this was a stunner.

The filming went well, and Simon edited furiously overnight to achieve the screening the following day. The screening was both well attended and well received with lots of laughs.  The finished article is available to view at Simon's blog page

A new experience for me, and very enjoyable!

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