Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Enchanted Forest

This year's Enchanted Forest event in Perthshire is underway, running until 7th November.

The theme this year is "Force of Nature", with trees, water, light, sound and fire all playing their part.

The sound quality is much improved over last year, and it has been used to great effect in combination with the lighting.
The features of the wood at Loch Faskally have been incorporated too.  The lighting of the tiny boathouse made a dramatic start to the walk around the loch.

From the bridge near the end of the loch, the light constantly changes, sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes with sudden, dramatic effect.

It's too easy to dismiss Pitlochry as a hackneyed tourist trap aiming for coach-bound visitors, but the town has really got behind this event and the Highland Perthshire Autumn Festival.  There's music, street theatre, storytelling and a Autumn/Hallowe'en theme throughout.

It's also easy to dismiss The Enchanted forest as a gimmick - but a visit with children on a still, clear night as when we visited is a magical experience for all.  Recommended!


  1. A well taken set of photos. Nice reflections adding to the scene.

  2. Gadge, these photos are fantastic.

  3. Hi Jay and Tee,

    Thanks for your kind comments. In truth I was incredibly lucky with the conditions - an absolutely still, clear evening. The exposures were a couple of seconds, so any movement would have shown up

    all the best