Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just grey rocks

On a trip with Douglas in January, we were treated to spectacular widescreen views of Scotland's west coast.  The beach below the bothy in which we stayed has some spectacular scenery of a much more intimate kind - just grey rocks but with some fascinating detail.

The rock hereabouts is schisty with sparkling mica embedded and is contorted and eroded by the sea in a way which exposes the slightly harder layers within.

Veins of quartz run like streaks of lightning through the bedrock

And where the sea has eroded dips and hollows, pebbles accelerate the shaping process as they are washed around the hollows.

Sometimes it's hard not to stare at the spectacular "big" view; but even grey rocks can have their interest :o)


  1. Wonderful- I just love the patterns

  2. Thanks Iain, the patterns and shapes of this particular outcrop were brilliant; Douglas even found a rock shaped like a hanger for his drysuit and a "shoe tree" for wet boots on the edge! :o)

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Douglas, wasn't it just?! We really must do that again :o)

  4. Wonderful images, Ian. What a wondrous world this is - if these rocks could share with us their stories... Duncan.