Wednesday, 12 May 2010

West Mull - Ulva and Gometra

After an early start from home and two ferry crossings, I set out on an intended overnight trip from Loch na Keal on Mull to paddle around the islands of Eorsa, Ulva, Gometra and Inchkenneth. The morning's weather was superb.

After stopping on Eorsa for a late breakfast, the next destination was Ulva Ferry. It's just a few hundred metres from Mull to Ulva, but a world away in many respects. This is the Boathouse tea-room.

Paddling through the sound of Ulva got me into Loch Tuath. The wind was by now getting up, and quickly reached Force 4 from the north. It was a bit of a slog up to the gap between Ulva and Gometra, where there was a bit of shelter. Two other paddlers, Gemma and Stef from Wales, were also getting a breather here.

We all decided that going round the north end of Gometra would be hard work, and so teamed up to portage the boats through Am Bru, the gap between the islands. It's a narrow gap spanned by a bridge and even at high water neaps was dry for about 75 metres. This was a bit muddy, but preferable to exposed paddling in the still strengthening wind.

Together we explored the south coast of Gometra, including this beautiful bay where the colours of the sea and sky were simply stunning.


  1. A wonderful spot. Our paths nearly crossed - we were there just a few days before sounds as though the winds remained! And what a cold wind it was! Still, we managed some good days both on Mull and Skye, but like you it seems, have still to complete the round of Ulva and Gometra, not to mention Staffa, The Dutchman's Cap etc etc - so much to do!

  2. Hi Douglas and Will,

    It really is a great area. Having to complete the trip around Gometra will be no hardship!