Thursday, 13 May 2010

Inchkenneth Church

I passed a couple of likely camping spots on the south coast of Gometra, but decided to cross back to the south side of Loch na Keal as the wind was rising all the time. The crossing to Inchkenneth was initially exhilarating in a following wind and sea, but got difficult near Inchkenneth. After a couple of "moments", I pulled around into the shelter of the bay near Inchkenneth House and Church.

The 13th Century church is in the care of Historic Scotland. The building was very well constructed, but the real interest lies in and around the ruin.

This Celtic cross is on the mound containing the graveyard.

While this grave slab is witihin the church itself - and is believed to have been one of the MacLean chieftains of perhaps the 16th Century.

These wonderfully detailed Celtic graveslabs were, for me, the highlight. The detail and workmanship are superb. I tried to get some close-up photographs, but they didn't really show the detail. You'll just have to visit yourself!

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