Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Iron Chicken

This striking sculpture is on the shore at Stonehaven. Although it's clearly an Osprey, we couldn't help thinking of the Iron Chicken, a character in the 1970's childrens programme "The Clangers"!


  1. When was this built at Stonehaven? The osprey is such a common bird here in Nova Scotia. When we lived at Glenshee, the nest at Loch of the Lowes had to be guarded to protect the eggs against thieves. Canadians just do not believe that this would happen. It's a strange world indeed. Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie, I'm not sure when the sculpture was put in place, but there are several along the shore at "Stoney". In the north east, there's another super Osprey sculpture at Spey Bay. I guess the lure for egg thieves is the relative rarity of Ospreys in Scotland.