Friday, 18 September 2009

Arisaig Again

We had a short break over in Arisaig during the middle of September. It was the start of a period of calm, settled weather, so we took our sea kayaks.

We stayed at the rather splendid Arisaig House Cottages

Our apartment was actually in the Clock Tower - very atmospheric, and fortunately the clock didn't chime between 10pm and 8am!

The paddling among the Arisaig Skerries is a bit special - it's been described as being like the Caribbean; and on days like this one can see why

The beaches are made of white shell sand

The scenery changes by the minute with the ebb and rise of the tide, and the water takes on wonderful colours

There are hundreds of Common Seals around here. They're incredibly curious and will come really close - they don't see paddlers as a threat. They're quite variable in colour, this one gracefully leaping to the water is particularly pale

And after a perfect day's paddling, the evening light was pretty special too

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