Thursday 15 February 2024

An anything but "dry" January

January can, in some years, be a month of enforced abstinence from most outdoor activities.  Limited daylight, often hostile weather and low temperatures can combine to make things a bit of a challenge.  this year, with more free time, I was keen to grab opportunity where I could, work with the weather and just generally "seize the day".  

I did at least one walk every day, averaging 13km per day across the month in a variety of conditions from the sublime to the downright nasty.


When the snow came in heavily, accompanied by strong winds and drifting....time to switch from walking to skiing!

There were a few days of really good conditions for XC Skiing right from home

A spell of settled weather in the north west of Scotland tempted Allan and I to plan a few days kayaking

...amply rewarded by some superb winter paddling conditions.....

..and some great wildlife encounters.

Generally amenable if breezy weather gave good opportunities for gravel riding in the Cairngorms...

...and several rides closer to home, such as here on Lord Arthur's Hill on the Correen ridge.

So, January proved to be anything but a "dry" month for outdoor ventures; the trick now is to keep it up for the year!


  1. Superb photography. But I would expect nothing less. Some people just click a camera shutter randomly while others compose what a photograph will actually look like in their mind's eye before taking it, without even thinking about the process deliberately. Bob. BSS.

    1. Thank you Bob, that's really kind. I often imagine how an image might look, then compose it, and sometimes it's more opportunistic "point and shoot". What is certain is that 90% of the images I take are deleted because they're either technically poor, or not what the mind "saw"....I guess that's both the frustration and joy of photographic natural scenes unless one's prepared to artificially manipulate the image, which I'm not :o)