Sunday, 5 March 2017

Keeping an Iron Grip at Saddell Bay

During the summer of 2016 Douglas and I made a journey along the Kintyre coast which included a visit to Saddell Bay where we found a sculpture by Sir Antony Gormley staring out to sea.

One of the "Land" series created in 2015 by the renowned artist and sculptor, the Saddell Bay figure is called Grip and was due to have been removed along with the other Land figures in 2016.  However, Grip has been purchased by an anonymous donor and has been granted planning permission, so will remain in the setting for which he was made.

So, if you visit Saddell Bay, Grip will be there - an enigmatic and intriguing figure gazing out to the Kilbrannan Sound.

Note: Douglas will be touring and can be seen at a variety of Scottish coastal locations throughout 2017......


  1. :-) Hopefully there will be more iron-men and/or -women visiting Grip in the future!
    ;-) Safe paddling!

  2. Thanks Leif, Grip is well worth a visit :o)

    Kind Regards