Monday, 11 April 2011

A colourful day on the Dorset cliffs

Whilst I've been at work, I've had a few opportunities to explore the Dorset coast on half day walks.  It's a surprisingly wild coast in parts and very varied.  In superb Spring weather yesterday, the walk along the stretch from Bowleaze to the White Nothe was truly beautiful.  The air was alive with birdsong, and I had my first view this year of a Common Sandpiper - the migrants are arriving in force.

The view to the east was truly exceptional

The chalk cliffs of this part of the coast were dazzlingly white and contrasting superbly with a calm and very blue sea.  This is the view from the headland of White Nothe looking over Bat's Head and Lulworth to the distant Purbeck Hills.  The top of the detached arch of Durdle Door is just visible immediately beyond Bat's Head, which itself has a small arch

Looking down from the cliffs, the water was clear enough to see every detail of the reefs.  I sat in the sun, enjoying the warmth and thinking what a great day it would be for sea kayaking.  As if by magic....

First a double kayak passed, the air so still that I could clearly make out the voices and paddle splashes way below

And then four brightly coloured singles passed, all heading west toward Ringstead..  I lost sight of the lucky paddlers as they passed Ringstead, maybe heading to Weymouth.  They (and I) were treated to a great day, a real hint of the summer to come.

I fairly caught the sun, my face was glowing during the eveening - one more colour to add to the day!


  1. This Jurassic coast is the 'playground' of IOPCC - how fortunate we are! Go to 'Galleries' which show 3 paddlers were out on Sat 9th April.


  2. Hi John,

    thanks for the link - it's certainly a piece of coastline with plenty of interest

    Kind Regards

  3. The lucky paddlers in the singles were from Herts Canoe Club testing out a couple of new boats (I am in a yellow one). It was a fabulous day for a paddle, with truly awesome scenery. We went from Ringstead to Lulworth and back with some rock-hopping along route. Not sure I'd have enjoyed it so much in wintry conditions, but with the sun out, flattish water, it can't be beaten! Great photos by the way.

  4. Hi Martin,

    What a day you had - sunbathing on a clifftop in mid April is hard to beat, except by kayaking along the same cliff maybe!

    Let me know via UKRGB if you'd like any of these photos emailing

    Kind Regards