Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Frost smoke on the River Don

The December cold spell showed the River Don as a ribbon of frost smoke.  Although lots of ice was floating downstream, the water was sufficiently warmer than the frigid air pooling in the valley to form banks of mist close to the water.

Even at the height of the day with the solstice sun very low in the sky, the mist peristed as a thin and shifting veil.  I normally delete any images with flare in them, but this one shows so well the effect of the sun lighting the thin mist with a luminous glow.

As the sun set with a pink glow along the western horizon, the bitingly cold air began to sink once again into the slot of the rive valley in a dense freezing cloak.

It would be another bitter cold night.


  1. Ian,
    This comment is not relevent to your blog post - although I do appreciate the pictures. Just saw your comment on Sea n Surf regarding NESKY (I would have contacted you thru the forum but I'm having problems registering), and that fact you couldn't join due to lack of coaches. Maybe the situation has changed, because I joined the club last year with no problem! A nice bunch of folk and I've had some great kayaking with them all around the Aberdeenshire and Moray coastline, plus lots of coaching.
    However, judging from your photos I must live just a few miles from you, so if you fancy a trip out in the kayaks we should get in touch. Meanwhile I'll try and fix my Sea n Surf registration!

  2. Hi Paul, Glad to hear that you managed to join NESKY and are getting out with them. It would be good to meet up for a paddle - drop me a PM through UKRGB once you're up on there