Sunday, 25 July 2010

Kinlochbervie Caribbean

A few kilometres to the north of Kinlochbervie (which is itself north of pretty much everywhere in the British Isles) is the stunning beach of Oldshoremore.

A short walk from a small car-park leads over the dunes to reveal this view. The beach is about a kilometre long, and there's another, smaller beach just visible around the headland. Here there are no ice cream vans, hotels or beach "facilities"; only a small toilet block at the car park.

This photograph was taken on a sunny June weekend. We shared this beautiful beach with just four other people during the afternoon. The white sand sets off the aquamarine of the water to perfection, water which is absolutely crystal clear.

Just like the Caribbean?

No - this is much, much better


  1. Hi Ian, came across your blog via j_on_tour's blog. Love the pictures. As a keen mountaineer myself I look forward to seeing some more of your fantastic Scottish scenes.

  2. Hi, and welcome! Thanks for your kind coment , I hope you enjoy the blog. I'm shortly to start a few months leave, so there'll be lots more posts than of late