Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Spring Evening on Lismore

I landed at the pebble beach on the south tip of Lismore which I'd spotted earlier in the day from Eilean Musdile. Above the tideline there were places to pitch the tent, but the ground was very stony. A little way from the beach I found a better place, put up the tent and cooked my dinner.

I ate dinner whilst watching the sun sink over the Mull hills. The temperature was dropping quite quickly in the clear air as night fell.

It had been a brilliant paddling day and (for me) a long one - 44 kilometers, plus a few kilometers of walking whilst exploring. It wasn't long before I was ready to retire for the night. A small luxury was being able to phone home from the warmth of my sleeping bag!

Tomorrow would start with another crossing of the Firth of Lorn.


  1. This is helping ease the frustration of not getting out because of my knee Ian!


  2. Hi Douglas,

    I can only sympathise; I think I'd be champing at the bit! Hope to see you back out before too long