Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Loch Torridon Communities - the Upper Loch

On the one day of predicted good weather in the week prior to Easter, I left home at 0545 and arrived at Torridon mid morning. The plan was to explore the area using first the ebb tide to get out to Loch Shieldaig, then the flood on the return run.

Loch Torridon is divided into three parts. From seaward they are Loch Torridon, Loch Shieldaig and Upper Loch Torridon. The upper loch is surrounded by some iconic mountains; Liathach, Beinn Dearg and Beinn Alligin.

I started out from Torridon village and headed along in heavy rain showers to the first community - Inveralligin.

This painting of a Puffin was on a rocky point - perhaps painted by a tour boat's crew so they could guarantee a sighting to their passengers?!

Nearby, a band of feral goats were eating the seaweed exposed towards the Spring low tide.

They clearly do well here as there were several kids amongst the group.

Upper Loch Torridon is separated from Loch Shieldaig by a narrow kyle, through which the ebb, now in it's last two hours, carried me swiftly.

The next community I was to visit was one I'd not known about before, a lost community.


  1. Ian, I wondered where the puffin was! I last paddled that coast in october 2003 and did not find it then. We also did a day trip, we left Glasgow at 0530 and were on the water by 1100!

    The old red sandstone islets were amazing!


  2. Hi Douglas,

    It's amazing what can be done in a day-trip!

    The Puffin painting is really quite unobtrusive, about two feet tall and only really visible from the water. I'm sure it's for the tour boats!

  3. I painted the Puffin years ago! It is only accessible by sea at "The Narrows"of the loch. Its nowt to do with the tour boats just a peace of....err graffitti......... Gord.

  4. Ps its defo been touched up by some vandal as I never had yellow paint on me when I did it. Recommend you climb up if cannoeing as its a very peaceful cave. Gord

  5. Thanks for posting Gord, it's a great little piece of rock art (to my mind anything but grafitti). I'm willing to wager a pint that someone is guaranteeing their passengers a Puffin sighting though! :o)

    Best wishes

  6. Ah Cheers Ian. We were on hols in Shieldaig and entered the rowing race round Shieldaig island. We fished in the narrows of Loch Torridon as Mackerel good there. Never saw any Puffins there so if its helpful to the tourist industry then happy days! All the best Gord (from Kilmarnock originally).