Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Cold Snap

Back in September, I posted about the Rowan trees in our garden having a huge berry crop. It certainly looks as if the tradition that a good Rowan year heralds a hard winter to come is being borne out. Along with consistently heavy snowfall there's been some really cold temperatures- typically minus 13 Celcius overnight.

There's a car under there somewhere!

It looks pretty, but after a while things become difficult. These pictures were sent by my wife, who is having to cope with these conditions whilst I'm away at work. It can't be much fun; and it's still snowing heavily...


  1. Loved the Calvinist thought that if something was good you'd pay for it - rowan berries and bad winter! Very amusing.

  2. Hi Jackie, I think this is pretty ancient folklore; I've heard the link between a "good" Rowan year and a hard winter many times. Certainly I've never seen such a heavy crop of berries on the trees in northeast Scotland