Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Rock Puzzle

This marvellous split boulder sculpture is on the shore of Derwent Water in the Lake District. It's both massive and intricate at the same time, and is easily missed if you don't know it's there (I didn't, but was shown by my friend Dave). Normally it sits in the water, note the water mark, which would make it even more striking.

The low level of the lake allowed us to study it closely - a really impressive piece of art using natural materials


  1. Both pieces positioned nice for photographs. Nice to see that this has stood the test of time.

  2. Hi Jay,

    Thank you. I think this is a wonderful piece of sculpture which fits into the landscape perfectly. I'd like to return and photograph it when the water level is higher, as it's intended to be seen. Were you involved with the making of this piece?


  3. No, I remember passing it when it was new back in the mid 90's. It was the short classic walk that i inspire new walkers with of :- Keswick, Walla Crag, Ashness & back along the Lakeshore. This feature is something to look out for as some are a bit weary by this point !
    There's some nice work on these pages & I like your labels

  4. Hi Jay

    I'd not have seen it at all unless friends had known it was there! thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad you like the blog