Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tough stuff and rough stuff in the Arisaig skerries

We continued south down the Morar coast and entered the maze of the Arisaig skerries.  One could paddle here a hundred times and not take the same route twice, it's a great place to sea kayak!

Another beach, another brief rest stop, though rather than sand this beach on Luinga Beag was composed of......

....shells and coral.  The coral is actually the calcareous skeletons of a red algae and it's quite tough stuff. We left this beach and paddled out around the outside of Luinga Mor, a short piece of coastline which, despite having paddled the Arisaig skerries many times, I'd not paddled.  It proved to be fun..... a bouncy way!  This is the best image I could get in the choppy, clapotic conditions.  Reassuringly, the P & H Cetus MV handles this rough stuff with absolutely no drama.

As soon as we turned the corner at the south west of Luinga Mor we entered much more sheltered water,  protection from the prevailing southwesterly weather is one of the great advantages of paddling at Arisaig.  Since leaving the River Morar some four hours earlier we had been paddling steadily into a southerly wind but now we had the wind at our backs......time to hoist the sails......

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