Monday, 11 May 2015

Camusdarach - beauty under a grey sky

Having broken out of the River Morar estuary we turned south to paddle a stretch of coast famed for the beauty of its beaches, backed by woodland and craggy hills.

Camusdarach (bay of the oakwoods) is a series of three sandy beaches, the colour of the sand varies according to the light conditions, sometimes it looks dazzling silver and sometimes a warm purple shade.  On the previous occasions I've visited this area by kayak or on foot I've been blessed with sunshine.

Not today though, the sky was very definitely overcast, though the beaches were no less beautiful.....


Approaching low water, we paddled through exposed skerries and reefs........

.....past forests of laminaria weed

.....and over white sand in water of astonishing clarity; the water in this image was over two metres deep.

The low tide meant that there were numerous opportunities to stop for first luncheon.  We found a tiny sandy inlet backed by rocks which gave shelter from a chilly southeasterly breeze.  Despite the breeze and the overcast skies, this was a lovely spot to pause and take in the sounds and sights of the Morar coast.

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