Monday, 9 March 2015

Solas - a winter evening on the Sound of Arisaig

Solas is the gaelic for "light" and the final part of our trip around Eilean Shona and Loch Moidart was all about light in infinite variety.  From our afternoon stop at Port Acadh an Aonaich the view south to Ardnamurchan and the Morvern hills was washed with the bronze light of the sinking sun.  Reluctantly we prepared to leave one of our favourite beaches.

 There was a real subtlety in the sweep of layered cloud and we turned frequently to catch the changing light.  Increasingly though our eyes were drawn ahead.....

                        ....and upwards to the delicate quality of light on Rois-Bheinn and An Stac. 

The faintest tinge of pink suffused the whole sky and was reflected in the sea; our cameras couldn't properly capture this almost-not-there quality, but it was magical and we stopped frequently to just drift and watch the changing light.  We have been incredibly lucky in this area in having been participants in some truly gorgeous sunsets, and it was tempting to stay out on the water to see what developed.  Tiredness and the dropping temperature were against us on this occasion though, and we pulled into Samalaman Bay just as the light was beginning to fade. We arrived back at the Glenuig Inn quicker than expected thanks to owner Steve MacFarlane who very kindly offered to trailer our boats back to Glenuig, saving the time of unloading and putting them on the cars.

Just as we got back to the hotel, there was one final flourish to a very fine winter day......



  1. And nothing does a flourish, with more elegance, than "O beautiful Gaia", - the title of a lovely Canadian song that celebrates this extraordinary planet. How wonderful that we can capture and embrace it with the photographic image. Marvellous Ian. Warm wishes. Duncan.

  2. Hi Duncan, nature is a constant amazement and a pure delight! :o)

    Warm wishes to you both