Friday, 29 March 2013

On a mirror to Muck

We paddled out from Galmisdale and on past the Sgurr of Eigg.

Ahead lay the low-lying Isle of Muck, our destination for the day and the final island of our Small Isles journey.  Although the sky was cloudy the air was very mild and we were quite warm in our drysuits.

We paddled on a silver mirror, the sky and sea seeming to draw together at the horizon in a subtle but beautiful effect.

Away to the south was the Ardnamurchan peninsula; it seemed such a long time since we paddled that stretch of coast, but it was less than two weeks previously.

We expected to feel a considerable tidal stream between Eigg and Muck, the tidal information suggested a flow of around 3 knots.  In fact we felt very little movement at all and were able to adjust our transit to paddle straight towards.......

.......yet another fine beach!   We arrived on the Isle of Muck at Camas na Cairidh, a small bay with a narrow beach and signs of a former fish trap created by building an arc of boulders to trap fish on a falling tide.  We enjoyed first luncheon of soup and bread on the turf above the beach, but we didn't linger too long as we had no desire to be human captives of the fish trap!

The view towards Rum was sublime, with Glen Dibidil clearly visible between the prominent hills.

There were smaller sight to see too; this piece of dried seaweed stem had curled itself into the shape of a Celtic knot.

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