Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A blue morning on the Sound of Arisaig

We were delighted that Phil and Jennifer were able to join us for the following day's paddling.  They had made the considerable drive from Ayrshire to Glenuig, and we hoped that the day trip would be worth the drive.  We launched from a sandy beach behind Samalaman Island.  This is an ideal launching spot but at this time of the morning it was in the shade and the air temperature was only marginally above freezing.

But just a few metres off the beach we moved into the sunshine; it was much more pleasant!  Paddling out of Glenuig Bay with the fine backdrop of Sgurr Dhomnuill Mor and Rois-Bheinn, it was clear that we were in for a lovely late winter morning.

The bow of Mike's kayak reflected the deeper blue of the sea, the light blue sky and the white of the morning sun to perfection.

The wind died completely as we moved out into the Sound of Arisaig on a true blue morning.

It was magically calm.  There wasn't the slightest hint of the previous day's swell or breeze.  In fact, so calm was it that Jennifer was able to play a quick game of "Angry Birds" on her phone while she waited for the old 'uns to catch up!

Ahead of us, the mountains of Rum rose into clear air beyond the north east coast of Eigg.


  1. Ian, such blue skies...we've forgotten what those look like here on Vancouver Island. Indeed, magical - so envious. :) Duncan.

  2. Hi Duncan & Joan, it really was an amazing day. In fact it was so warm that we did something we'd never before considered in February!....

    Kind Regards

  3. That fourth picture down should be a poster. Beautiful.

  4. Thank you Robert,

    It was a gorgeous day and that image is straight out of the camera with no enhancement :o)

    Kind Regards