Saturday, 16 March 2013

Almost deserted beaches on the east coast of Rum

We left Loch Scresort and turned north to head up the east coast of the Isle of Rum.  Our boats were heavy with kit and food for the anticipated five day journey and we'd also packed some nice "extras".  Each of us had a boat trolley strapped in a bag on the back deck to assist in moving the boats.  The backdrop as we paddled along was the mountains of Skye - which isn't too bad a view!

It was a little after the aftenoon low water and a day or so prior to spring tides; a small bonus was that the flood had started and we'd have a gentle push at our backs for the first couple of hours.  The first part of this coast is rocky outcrops and scattered woods.

The first beach we passed was this one at Camas Pliasgaig, consisting mostly of pebbles.  The action of the winter storms had created a series of terraces which must constantly shift through the year.  At the edge of the beach some Red Deer were feeding on the exposed seaweed.

Some way further along we simply couldn't resist landing at a glorious sandy beach.  It looked deserted....

But closer inspection revealed we weren't the first visitors of the afternoon.


  1. Just finished reading Jasper Winn's "Paddle - A long way around Ireland". Another perspective on the ocean, the coast, the land, and the people. You and Douglas are sharing such a similar adventure in so many ways. Keep it coming! :) Duncan.

  2. Hi

    I enjoy your blog, I linked through from lee s whole bunch of ings.

    Question, Im an artist in ont, would you mind if I used some of your photos as a basis for some paintings?

    some of my work can be seen on my blog, norms art at studiok. linked on Lee's blog

    thanks norman k.

  3. Hi Duncan and Joan,

    With our approach to exploring, Douglas and I would take a very long time to circumnavigate a country! Must check out the Jasper Winn book....

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Norman,

    No problem if you want to use a couple of images as a basis for paintings - and thanks for taking the time to ask. If you need full resolution images I can email them to you

    Kind regards