Monday, 20 April 2015

At home on salt water

Back on salt water, we couldn't miss out on inspecting the River Shiel outflow from below.  The jet of water is quite impressive...... is the slope of water pouring into Loch Moidart!

Over the past couple of years we've come to view the Moidart area and the Sound of Arisaig almost as "home waters" as we've been lucky enough to paddle in this area numerous times.  The familiar view of Castle Tioram never becomes routine though, the dramatic outline and superb location always a highlight of a visit here.

We hoisted our sails to cross Loch Moidart, each taking a different line to either catch the best of the light onshore breeze or to avoid the strongest of the flooding tidal stream.  It was quite striking how effective the forward skeg on Douglas' Aries was when sailing upwind, he was able to sail at least a point closer than either Mike or I in our Cetus MV's

We weren't the only paddlers to be enjoying the superb Spring weather, a couple in an open canoe were also heading towards the seaward end of Eilean Shona.

As we'd set out from the head of the loch a little after low tide, we knew that the North Channel of Eilean Shona would not be passable.  This meant that our route choice was limited to taking the South Channel; but we certainly weren't disappointed as it gave the opportunity to visit one of our favourite places......

forcing through a narrow channel entrance against the flooding tide, we arrived at the glorious Shoe Bay........


  1. What a nice place you've arrived to! On Google Maps I found Douglas' photos from this beatiful beach, but then I missed your comments which add a lot of value to your photos.
    Please, don't let us wait to long on the next part!

  2. Thanks Leif,it's a really nice spot - next instalment soon!

    Kind Regards

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Mia, you can't go wrong with a picture of a castle! :o)

      Kind regards

  4. One could be forgiven for thinking that you (and I) are becoming 'fair weather paddlers'! Long may it continue! Some lovely images here and a perfect early season trip I think.

    1. Very true Will, but we both know better at least! Both super trips and proof that there's really no "off season" :o)

      Kind Regards