Thursday, 2 February 2012

Widescreen weather forecast

On the last day of January, Douglas and I set off on a three day kayaking trip on Scotland's west coast.  The weather forecast was a bit uncertain due to the proximity of a low pressure system to the west of a high pressure system.  Three things we were fairly certain of:  there would be no rain, the wind direction would be south or south east and that it would be quite cold.

After loading our boats with a large amount of warm clothes and food we paddled off; the forecast sunshine was somewhat missing but the breeze was present and frigidly correct.  Douglas hoisted sail and I stayed warm keeping up with him!

This pebble beach was a pleasure to land on and had perfectly polished pebbles.

Later we arrived at our accommodation.  It was quite challenging to reach, perfectly suited for two and had a widescreen TV in one wall.  There was only one channel, but it was compelling viewing.  We were able to forecast the weather for ourselves in real time!

A most civilised evening with good food and drink was followed by a sound and warm night's sleep in preparation for the following day.


  1. Thanks Lee, it was a great trip slotted into some pretty uncertain weather, which made it all the more satisfying. With a view like that, who needs TVV anyway?!

    Kind Regards