Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The taste of Paradise is......

We returned to the beach where we'd examined my boat to take second luncheon. 

It's a beautiful spot which we've both visited before.  In the sunlight the shallow water is lit with gorgeous shades of blue and turqoise.

A narrow finger of sandy machair has some hollows in which we were able to escape the biting wind - Douglas' anemometer was recording 14 knots of wind with a still air temperature of 0 degrees Celcius.  The views up and down the coast were simply marvellous - we considered ourselves blessed.

A TV advert used to depict a coconut chocolate bar being consumed against a backdrop of a white sand beach with the strapline "The taste of Paradise".

We can exclusively reveal that the true Taste of Paradise is....... home-made French Onion soup!

We followed this with a piece of home-made fruit cake and (it being second luncheon) a small dram of 18 year old oak aged Glenfiddich.  We considered ourselves doubly blessed.

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