Monday, 6 February 2012

An uplifting morning

After a comfortable night in our five star lodgings we scrambled down to the shore before sunrise and sorted our kit in the frigid morning air.

The forecast on the radio was for freshening wind through the day, the widescreen forecast in the bothy showed a calm sea and clear skies for the moment.

Our day would begin with an open crossing.  We got on the water as the sun began to fire the hillside adjacent to the beach - it was going to be a great day.

The dawn flush was still in the sky as we warmed up by paddling steadily out into open water....

To greet the sun as it rose.  There was little warmth and a chilly breeze was starting up against us.  We chatted on our crossing, reflecting on how fantastic it was to be out on a day like this.

After an hour or so we neared our first shoreline and got into the lee of the land and out of the chilling breeze.  Fresh snow was capping the tops of the surrounding mountains.  The scene was upliftingly beautiful; we drifted along and drank in the views.


  1. Great Pictures! I think sometimes you can wait all day and think it is safe and then one fast set comes from offshore and catches you. There is no way to anticipate that one big set.


  2. Hi Frank, Thanks - I think my biggest error was in putting myself in a place where my view to seaward was compromised, so I couldn't react to the bigger set. We live and learn......

    Kind Regards