Sunday, 26 February 2012

A gentle winter day on Beinn Teallach

Overnight the fierce wind subsided and snow fell widely across the Highlands.  We planned a short day on Beinn Teallach (hill of the forge), a Munro above Loch Laggan.  It's a hill Dave and I had climbed before but new ground for Karen.  We also thought that the hill would give a good view.

Heading out from Roughburn near the Laggan Dam, we wandered through a wood transformed from the previous day.

The contrast between the thrashing wind of Saturday and the cold, calm conditions of Sunday was astonishing.  These rapid weather changes are typical of the maritime climate of the west of Scotland, and are both challenging and a delight.

The overnight temperatures had been quite cold; this puddle was frozen in a concentric pattern.

Emerging from the wood we crossed a burn and headed toward the open slopes of our hill.  Beinn Teallach is not to be confused with An Teallach in the Northwest Highlands - that hill is a craggy classic whilst Beinn Teallach is a grassy and somewhat ordinary Munro which only just scrapes into the 914m/3000 ft bracket.

Our route would cross an icy burn and go up to the corner of the wood then up open slopes toward the right hand ridge.  The summit is a kilometre farther back and a little higher.  The weather was looking good and there was even a little warmth in the sun; it was going to be a good day.


  1. Great photos, as always. That's only 1 winter I've spent in Aberdeenshire now, but I've still not experienced conditions like that. It's great to experience the amazing winter scenery through your blog though.

  2. Hi Fiona, it's been the mildest winter for nearly 10 years, and last winter the most severe for ages - strange times. I hope you managed to get paddling on the Moray Firth now you're settled in?

    Kind Regards