Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A colourful February day in Aberdeenshire

The last week of february 2012 has seen a sucession of unseasonably mild weather, culminating in 28th February being  the warmest february day in Scotland since 1897 with a temperature near Aberdeen of 17.2 degrees Celcius.

To put this in context, temperatures for the same week in 2011 were between minus 6 and minus 11 degrees Celcius!

The early flowers are already out; Snowdrops and these Crocus in full bloom.  The garden and woods are full of birdsong. The Rooks already have nests in a group of tall Larch trees nearby, their calls are such a part of the farmland scene.

I used the weather to do some tidying in the garden.  Towards evening a gorgeous luminous light washed the surrounding fields and I grabbed the camera.

A few hundred metres up the lane and this glorious sunset was developing and lighting the whole sky.  Unfortunately I didn't bring the tripod so these images aren't as sharp as they should have been.  I walked to the top of the lane as the sky darkened from gold to red.

The view to the southwest was spectacular.  The warm weather has been partly caused by a Fohn effect with air warming as it flows down the eastern slopes of the Cairngorm mountains.  The resulting unusual cloud formations were underlit an angry red; the gold of just a few minutes previously had lost its colour and turned inky dark.

Walking back down the lane, the evening air felt more like April than February.


  1. Aye Ian - exceptional weather and the light yesterday evening was tremendous.

  2. Indeed, Ian, mild weather in your part of the world. Our Snowdrops are flowering and Daffodils emerging but the usual "Mediterranean" climate on Vancouver Island is under a snowfall warning - late for us. Lovely pics. Duncan.

  3. Thanks all,

    John - still watching out for a calm day up at Portsoy which coincides with a paddling opportunity! Yesterday was strange, windy in the morning and dead still by evening.

    Thanks Leo, it really was a tremendous show of colour.

    Hi Duncan and Joan, It's certainly been an unusual winter, a complete contrast to last year. And though all the Spring signs are there, the farmers here are talking about another pulse of winter to come yet...

    Kind Regards

  4. Beautiful! I want to visit Scotland sooo bad.