Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Day

The weather recently hasn't favoured paddling locally, strong winds, big swell and cold temperatures.  But New Years Day looked quite promising - still a strong wind but from the south and offshore from the Moray Firth coast of Aberdeenshire.  It was mild too, feeling alomst balmy in double digit temperatures not seen for a while.  I opted for a short New Year paddle from Cullen and by late morning was ready to get on the water from the harbour.

The weather was eerily quiet and calm, though the movement of upper level cloud showed that it was windy high up.  I quickly settled bak into the rhythm of paddling, glad to be back on the water after a work-enforced break.

All calm at Logie Head......

Appropriately, there was even a blink of watery sunshine at Sunnyside beach where I stopped for a short break...

...before heading along past the ruin of Findlater Castle, growing almost organically from it's blade of rock, to Sandend where I finished my short trip.  Just a couple of hours paddling on the first day of the year, but my goodness it's good to be back on the water!


  1. Ian, that's a great start to the year! I remember our paddle together on those same was superb! Warm wishes to you both for this New Year...and may there be lots of paddling and hill walking in the upcoming months. :) Duncan.

  2. Hi Duncan, it's a good little trip :o) Here's hoping for lots of hill and paddling days in 2015 !

    Warm wishes to you both

  3. Nice photos, love that Findlater Castle. Cool name by the way, find later....
    Hope to read a lot from your comimg paddle trips in 2015.

  4. Thank Rolf, and happy New Year! Findlater Castle was originally built to defend against Norse raiders but ended up being occupied by Norse Jarls, so it has a connection to Norway :o)

    Kind regards