Tuesday, 6 April 2010


The final community on my trip was Shieldaig, sheltered in Loch Shieldaig. The name is from Old Norse Sild Vik "Herring Bay", though herring are no longer fished from here. It's a pretty village in a spectacular setting.

I enjoyed a pint of Black Cuillin ale outside the Tigh an Eilean Hotel
and enjoyed the pleasant afternoon sunshine. The ale was very nice, and it seems to me that the hotel is a great sea-kayaking pub, but it must await rating by the staff of seakayakphoto.com
in due course!

I was accompanied back to the shore by this fine chap; a Springer Spaniel with three legs. Despite a missing front leg, he can certainly get about, and was very keen to come with me either by swimming or by getting in the boat with me. He looked genuinely disappointed to be left behind...

I left the shelter of Loch Shieldaig and headed back along Upper Loch Torridon into a stiffening headwind. There were great views of the mountains - here Beinn Alligin from a different angle. The headwind increased rapidly to Force 5-6 and it became very difficult to make any progress. Eventually I got back to Torridon village, tired but very pleased with a great day paddle of 38km. All that remained was the four hour drive home...


  1. Hi Ian, Jennifer actually won the the canoe/kayak section of the 2009 Shieldaig Raft Race (furthest away)however, I think it was liquid winnings and I am unsure if she had sufficient recall to write an in depth review of such an excellent establishment!

  2. Hi Douglas,

    If the pub is giving beer to sea-kayakers, and serves a good pint, and welcomes wet boots - it's already an automatic 11/10!

    all the best

  3. Ian another two automatic points for location!