Friday, 2 April 2010

Enfolded By Arms Of Naked Rock

Continuing to the the north west, a succession of rocky bluffs are passed. Ahead, Tom na Gruagaich of Beinn Alligin (Hill of the Maiden, Jewelled Mountain) was just clearing the cloud.

Around a final point, I entered Loch Diabaig. I have an out-of-print guidebook to the West Highlands written by the late W.H. (Bill) Murray, one of Scotland's great writers, in which he describes Loch Diabaig as "a mile long bay of outer Loch Torridon enfolded by arms of naked rock". It's a good description; no photograph I could take showed properly the setting of the village in it's sheltering rocky arms.

Bill Murray also wrote of the community itself; "On a coast where loveliness is met at every turn, Diabaig is remarkable".

I paddled into the shelter of a fine stone pier and landed on the beach to explore a little.

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