Monday, 24 April 2017

Squeezing out the last drop

 We weren't sure if the the weather would be conducive to paddling on the last day of our short trip based at Glenuig, but the morning turned out fine if windy.  Rain was forecast for midday, so we felt we could squeeze in a short paddle before heading home.  We headed straight out of Glenuig and turned south down the coast.  Our plan was simply to paddle towards the north channel of Moidart before turning around and heading back to Glenuig.

 It's always an interesting stretch of coast and despite the overcast conditions there was plenty of colour to enjoy.

 It was a strenuous push against a freshening F4-5 wind to reach a beach where we could stop for a short break......

 ....on a beach of pale sand......

 ...backed with tide-formed strips of shells - the stuff which would eventually become sand.

 I wandered down the beach and looked back to see the others enjoying the view out to the Small Isles, in a pose very reminiscent of a well known sculpture!

We decided to paddle just a little further to round the skerries in the North Channel of Loch Moidart, where the tide was absolutely pouring out - along with the wind.  Three of us just managed to get over the shallow sand bar.....

 ...but Allan, who was just a couple of minutes behind us found that the last drop of water had run out; he had to wade into deeper water to get back afloat.

Our run back with the wind behind us was pretty quick and we were soon back at Glenuig Bay.  The low tide made for a bit of a carry with the boats, and as we finished securing them onto the cars, a few fat drops of rain were followed by a deluge - we'd squeezed the very last drop from the weather window.


  1. Such a good philosophy, Ian, whether a weather window...or life. I think you squeeze every adventure to the very last drop. That's how you make the vicarious experience for us so much fun. Keep squeezing, talk soon, warm wishes from us both.

  2. Making the most out every day is probably my motto D & J :o)

    Warm wishes