Wednesday, 12 April 2017

"Dolphin days" like these....

Just as we were leaving the beach we got a call on the VHF working channel  from our fiends Allan and Lorna.  They'd arrived at Glenuig at lunchtime and paddled across to explore the north side of the Sound of Arisaig.  We established where each group was and met up near a prominent island to paddle back across the Sound together

 The weather had been superb all day and it continued calm and warm as we made a leisurely crossing southwards with Rois-Bheinn as a backdrop.

 Our landing point was on a small beach just around the corner from the Glenuig Inn, conveniently close to high water which made for easy movement of boats over to the inn.

What a day it had been!

 A morning of stillness and pastel light quality.......

...and one of the most thrilling of wildlife encounters.....

...with a pod of dolphins who actively sought our company on several occasions.

 An afternoon spent paddling in crystal clear water over white sand...... stunning primary light......

...rounded off with an evening of good food and the company of good friends.

"Dolphin days" like these, they stay with you forever.


  1. Some beautiful photos there Ian. Love the sparkling water and the dolphin shots. Bivi camped for two memorable nights during the 'simmerdim' on Rois-Bheinn and had amazing sunsets over that area and the islands. A great part of the country.

    1. Thanks Bob, the colours were lovely and the dolphins very obliging phot models! It is a great place......