Monday, 18 July 2016

From grey to gold on the Ross of Mull

The cloud sheet which we'd seen advancing across the Ross of Mull covered the sky as we headed from Eilean a' Chalmain towards Traigh Gheal (white beach), one of two beaches with the same name on this part of the coast.  Along with the cloud came a stiff ESE breeze which cooled us quite quickly.

I took no photographs at Traigh Gheal, after what we'd experienced over the previous days it seemed devoid of colour, and we were concentrating on getting some coffee and putting on extra layers.

Although the brilliant colours were muted without sunlight, there was still a subtle beauty to be seen in the pink granite as we headed back along the coast towards Fidden.

This is the beach at Port nam Ron (seal port) and, appropriately, we were escorted through the bay by numerous curious seals which did the usual seal thing of popping up just behind us then splashing off when we turned around.

The breeze which had chilled us down at Traigh Gheal did have one advantage - it was blowing in the direction we were paddling so our speed was very satisfactory as we passed inside the cluster of islands south of Erraid, then back north through Tinker's Hole...... arrive back at our camp site at Fidden.  To the north, signs of an improvement in the weather were encouraging, and as we made dinner the cloud sheet slowly broke up and the wind eased...... allow us one more stunning sunset.  Our paddling on the Ross of Mull and Iona was over, but what a great trip it had been!

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