Saturday, 11 January 2014

A memory of 2013

Looking back over some images from last year brought back lots of memories of great days in the outdoors. Mountain days, low level walks, watching the turn of the seasons and sea kayaking - I was blessed with some superb days. Trying to pick one outstanding day wasn't easy - but I was drawn to the sea kayak trips as there had been quite a few memorable days and journeys. The Small Isles, paddling along Ardnamurchan in tricky conditions, multi-day trips in the far northwest and a the fulfilment of a long-held hope to round Point of Stoer were all superb experiences. The image below however, seems to encapsulate one of the best days I've ever had in Scotland's great outdoors...... 

Taken towards the end of a February day on the Sound of Arisaig whilst paddling back towards Glenuig with the islands of Eigg and Rum on the horizon.  It had been a day of superlative paddling with good friends in perfect conditions.  We had landed on several white sand beaches and some of us had swum (briefly!) in the sea - in February, in Scotland - in warm sunshine and yet the ground in the shade had been hard frozen and frosty.

We were to be treated to a sunset of rare beauty and would round off the day with a fine meal at the Glenuig Inn.

So, what's your outstanding outdoors day of 2013?


  1. A simply stunning image, Ian - and then followed by a meal at the Glenuig. Pretty nice! As for us? In Canada: A day on the water with Gabriola Island on the port and the magnificent snow-capped coastal ranges of British Columbia on the starboard, a bright shining sun above. In Scotland: almost getting blown away (literally) on Meall Fuar-mhonaidh. :) Nice to see you back. Duncan.

  2. A wonderful image with the beautiful graduation in colours.
    My outstanding day of 2013 was when I turned down a walk up Ben Cruachan (it'll be there another day !) for a trip of a lifetime to Staffa and a Puffin photoshoot on Lunga. It was a pleasure leaving the ferries in favour of a real boat trip !

  3. That was a nice photo. Without the padler it is nothing, nice touch.

  4. Hi D & J, what a great pair of memories - and so nice to be able to have one from each of your "home ranges"!

    Thanks J - that sounds like a pretty good choice to have, but hard to decide between the two I imagine... :o)

    Hi Rolf, and thanks - that day we were truly small specks in a big landscape!

    Kind Regards


  5. Hi Ian this great day will feature in the next edition of Ocean Paddler.

    Douglas :o)

  6. Hi Douglas, everything about that day - the weather, the company, the location, the sea conditions, that sunset and the meal - combined to make it absolutely superb.

    I look forward to the OP feature, you captured some exceptional images over the course of the day :o)

    Kind Regards