Friday, 29 November 2013

An extraordinary sunset

Whilst completing a few last minute jobs in the garden I became aware of a quite extraordinary sunset developing overhead......

                      Quite apart from the gorgeous colours, thee was an unusual effect in the clouds........

                                          ...which intensified and formed as we watched.

A 3D effect combined with blurring at the edges of the clouds made for a wonderfully textured skyskape

These may have been Mammatus clouds formed in sinking air, a quite unusual cloud type.  Certainly the weather had seen some big fluctuation in temperature over the previous 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the bottom edge of a more defined bank of clouds resembled flames as the sun fired through it and the colour reached a rich crescendo before gradually fading.  We were simply spellbound at this beautiful and most extraordinary of sunsets.


  1. The planet simply captivates and delights in so many incredible ways, it really is quite astonishing! So good you captured the sky during those special moments, Ian. Best wishes. Duncan.

  2. Thanks Duncan - it was a wonderful sunset :o)

    Kind Regards

  3. Ian, what a sky! Even better that it was seen from your back garden. I wish you a safe and enjoyable voyage and hopefully my knee will be healed by your return. :o)

  4. Thanks Douglas, it was quite a send-off! Keep working on the physio - looking forward to some paddling trips in 2014 :o)

    Kind regards