Sunday, 24 November 2013

An adventure of a different kind!

This blog usually features adventures in Scotland's great outdoors whether on the hill or in a kayak on the sea or just the beauty of the natural environmnent. Recently though, we've been making items for an adventure of a completely different kind!

For our first attempt to sell some of the things we've made we chose a Christmas Fayre orgainsed by the Parent-Teacher Association at Craigclowan School in Perth where we have a connection through a family member.  We arrived the evening before the fair and quickly realised that we needed lots of space!  The co-ordinator of the event kindly arranged a bit of extra space by forming a corner which worked really well for us.

Although we'd tried out a table plan at home there were some changes needed, but eventually we were set up with tealight holders made from whisky barrel staves at one end along with prints and cards....

                                .....more whisky barrel items and some clocks in the middle....

......and driftwood items at the other end.  The evening had a sense of relief that we'd got this far, but quite a bit of apprehension as to how things would go on the day.

The Christmas Fayre was really well supported by the school and the wider community and was very busy with folk. As well as stalls the event featured choral singing, music, a fashion display and a demonstration of how to make the perfect Christmas table centre.  There were lots of activities to keep children entertained and of course an opportunity for little ones to get their wish-list to Father Christmas when he visited along with a rather dashing Pony.

There were a good range of stalls with a wide variety of really nice items - we were at risk of spending more than we'd make!

So, how did we do?  Well, we had a great time and exceeded our hopes for how things might be received and sell.  Certainly we've been encouraged enough to continue the adventure and develop things further.

We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Head Teacher, staff, PTA and pupils of Craigclowan School for making us so welcome - it really was appreciated and we hope to return next year.  Also of course to those folk who liked what we'd done enough to purchase items - we hope that you enjoy them!


  1. Great news, bravo and well done, looks like an all-round great event! Now, we can talk about that Canadian outlet for Mountain and Sea?! :) Warm wishes to you both. D and J.

  2. Hi D & J,

    The Fayre was great; we now have to start over on our production before we can go global! :o)

    Best wishes to you both

    I & L

  3. The stall was well received and people were very interested in the story behind the items. I know I am biased but I think your items are gorgeous.

    I really hope this gives you the confidence to take the lines further. Very proud of you both

  4. Thanks LA, it was a really fun day. Quite a turn-up since I was told not to bother turning up for my woodwork exam in 1978...... o:)

  5. Teachers eh? What do we know!

  6. Fantastic. People have been budggin me to get something together for some of our selling fairs. Glad to see you guys did well. Neat stuff!

  7. Thanks Lee, you should give it a go- so far it's been a lot of fun :o)

    Kind Regards

  8. Thanks Douglas, it was really good fun and pleasingly there isn't too much left of our stock. Guess what the spring has in store?!

    Kind regards

  9. I think I might have seen your stall at the Edinburgh Scottish Christmas Fair? I loved your tea light holders. How can I buy one?

  10. Hi 292,

    At present we haven't much stock left! We hope to have made more items and to have a website in place in 2014 - so keep checking the blog!

    Kind regards