Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Golden October

Driving to the central Highlands, the sun rose as I crossed the Lecht hill road.  By the time I reached  Bridge of Brown the low sun was flooding the valley mist with a gorgeous golden light.  The effect was quite fleeting, soon afterward the light became harder and the mist dazzling white.

As I continued my drive, I saw a Brocken Spectre as the sun threw the car's shadow onto the mist in the valley bottom.

A really beautiful morning to be out.


  1. A truly gorgeous image, Ian. Isn't the morning the very best time of all to be out - it's always full of surprises! Best wishes. Duncan.

  2. Hi Duncan, it certainly is! It's probably my favourite time to be out and about

    Kind regards

  3. Thanks Fiona, it was a shot I couldn't resist!

    Kind Regards