Thursday, 4 October 2012

All clear at Arisaig

Two weeks after Dave and I had experienced grey skies and windy conditions in Loch Ailort, I was back in roughly the same area, setting off from Arisaig this time. The weather was somewhat different....

Clear blue skies and light winds!  Over Rois Bheinn a cloud cap added drama to the scene but brought no rain. There was even warmth in the late September sunshine.

Naturally, i wasn't the only one to spot the opportunity of a good couple of days of weather.  Chris, Matthew and Barabara were starting a weekend trip southwards to Moidart.  We were heading the same way for a while and chatted as we went, just enjoying being out on this lovely afternoon.

Soon after we went our separate ways, I paused at a beach to get wood for the evening's fire.  The storm line on this particular pebble beach was full of dry driftwood - a quarter of an hour's work with a folding saw and I had enough for the night and extra to leave in the bothy for the next folk.

Some wood went inside the boat, the rest as a rather inelegant deck cargo; fortunately I didn't have too far to go!

Settled in the bothy, stove lit and dinner taken, I sat outside with a dram and watched a quiet sunset turn the world to shades of bronze.  An otter swam across the bay in front of me and all was quiet except for the occasional bird call and a very gentle sigh from the lapping of the water on the shingle.  It really was a quite beautiful evening.

As the sunset faded, the moon brightened, already low in the sky and setting.  The sky cleared during the late evening and after the moon set the stars were amazing, a huge swathe of the milky way above me.  I didn't really need a weather forecast from the radio, all was set clear.


  1. Fab pics Ian - a favourite area. You really caught a beautiful evening at the bothy.

  2. Hi Bill, Yes, it was just one of those pretty perfect evenings :o)

  3. Hi Ian,
    Yes, what a beautiful evening it was. Like you we were stunned by the view of the Milky Way overhead as we sat round the fire and anticipated the next day's adventure round Eilean Shona and back to Loch nan Uamh. Does it get any better?


  4. Hi Matthew, it was really good to meet you all on the water, and what a couple of days - you're right; very difficult to better! :o)

    Kind Regards

  5. What a wonderful picture you paint with words as well as your images... Wow!

  6. Hi Katherine, it was an evening to savour, the words can really only try to describe it! :o)

    Kind Regards