Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A frosty morning

I recently posted that I was looking forward to sharp, frosty mornings - and for the last five days that's exactly what we've had in the northeast of Scotland.  Wherever the sun hasn't touched, the frost has remained unbroken and created some quite beautiful effects, particularly on dead grasses.

A timber stack was white with hoar frost; the dazzling white a nice contrast with the red of a felled pine.  I'm certain there were better compositions and images here, but at minus 6 Celsius I didn't hang around too long!  A morning walk in these conditions is such a pleasure - as long as you keep moving.


  1. Beautiful photos Ian; that first one in particular is really special.

  2. Great to have you on board, Ian. I see our mutual outdoor interests and self-propelled pursuits include some of nature's marvellous "frosty" treasures. Cheers. Duncan.