Monday, 8 August 2011

The team

Cuma passed us as we paddled back to meet her in her home port of Miabhaig.  There's no doubt that without Murdani, Gary and Louise, our adventure couldn't have happened.  

We'd seen some fantastic sights and paddled in the most amazing locations, but really it was the people who made this truly "the trip of a lifetime".

Team St Kilda!

Front left to right:  Janice, Sue, Morag, Liz and Gordon

Back left to right: Douglas, Callum, Anne, Donald, Simon, Ken and Ian


  1. This must have been a fascinating trip. Appreciate your sharing it. I'm about to wear out Wikipedia in reading more about some of these places. Thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

  2. Hi Ian, a finer bunch of kayakers I have never seen.

    David A

  3. Thanks Dan and David, it really was a case of the right folk in the right place at the right time :o)