Wednesday, 20 May 2020

One good thing - 18th and 19th May 2020

The sunset on the evening of 18th May was nothing short of majestic.  What began as a faint pink blush in the sky suddenly developed into stunning shades of amber and molten gold.  The sunset is now in the northwest here in Aberdeenshire, the bearing approximately 310 degrees or 40 degrees north of west.  In a month, at the solstice the sun will hardly dip below the horizon before it skims up again in the northeast.

The development of colour in this sunset was really quick; presumably an effect of underlighting as the sun dropped below the higher ground. Whatever the cause, the effect was marvellous!

This image was taken at 21.32 - just five minutes later the light show was all over and the colour had drained from the sky.  On a beach facing west with a horizon view on the west coast, the colours would have lingered for hours; here it had been fleeting, but very special.


  1. That's some of the best sunset shots I've seen. Very dramatic.

  2. Thanks Bob, it was really something. "West is best" for sunsets, but occasionally we get a really good one