Saturday, 26 September 2015

Daytime viewing

During the first part of September the UK was under a northerly airstream for several days resulting in superbly clear air and pin-sharp views. On a walk up Craig Vallich, a small hill overlooking Ballater on Deeside, a cool morning turned pleasantly sunny and the views gave ample excuse to just sit for a while and enjoy the last of the summer colours.

Early cloud was lifting away from the high ground across lower Glen Muick, the colours of the hill ground contrasting nicely with the varied greens of the glen.

From higher up the stand-out view was across to Lochnagar, particularly given that the morning sun was throwing the features of the mountain's north face into sharp relief.  Through binoculars several of the ridges and gully lines were clearly visible.  Lochnagar lies on Balmoral estate and is occasionally referred to as the "royal mountain".  I've climbed it many times using different routes; it seems always to give me a great day.

To the west the view from this small hill extends for mile after mile, over the fertile Dee valley to the high ground of the Cairngorms.  Another scan with binoculars found some hills which are old friends.

Well satisfied with my "daytime viewing", I turned to descend Craig Vallich towards Ballater, with the town's other hill, the rocky little peak of Craigendarroch prominent beyond the town.

Already the colours of early September are on the turn as autumn approaches - a new season's pallete beginning to develop.


  1. Such lovely views, Ian. The distant summits become even more delightful when you reflect on the time you have spent on each of them..."old friends" for life, indeed. Any you have many, many such old friends in that amazing land. Warm wishes. Duncan.

    1. Thanks Duncan - it's always good to see old friends! :o)

      Warm wishes

  2. Great photo of Lochnagar Ian. Did Eagle Ridge, Severe,the Classic Rock climb up the granite ridge in the photo years ago and it was excellent. September this year has been an amazing month. One of the best Indian summer's I can remember.

  3. Cheers Bob, it's my "local" Munro and a favourite too. Eagle Ridge is a great route, but prone to falling apart these days, as is Parallel B - the rockfall scar is visible from above Tarland!

    Kind Regards

  4. Some great views from a lovely hill walk.
    From experience, there was some wonderful weather in Scotland during early september (Had a few trips out from Mallaig)

    1. Thanks J, autumn is certainly shaping up to be better than "summer" this year!

      Kind regards