Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Transatlantic connection

We had the great pleasure yesterday of meeting up with Duncan and Joan from Vancouver Island in Canada. Having followed and enjoyed their Oceanpax blog for some time and having corresponded via blogging and e-mail, it was great to finally be able to meet up properly and spend a day together.

The internet can often be a source of crime, abuse and unpleasantness, but in our case it has brought us, as "information age pen-friends", together across a continent and an ocean - which is surely what the information revolution should be all about.

Despite the Aberdeenshire weather being overcast and wet, we enjoyed a pleasant day sharing experiences and getting to know one another better.

A transatlantic connection which we hope will continue to be renewed

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  1. Indeed, Ian, we look forward very much to staying in touch. Again, many thanks. :) Duncan and Joan.