Thursday, 31 October 2013

Loch Enard light show

On my return from Achnahaird towards Loch Kirkaig I took a more or less direct line north-east across Enard Bay. The earlier sunshine had given way to shower clouds which were dipping to brush Stac Pollaidh and Cul Mor with veils of rain.  The quality of light is one of the outstanding features of the north west and showery weather can sometimes produce some lovely and dramatic effects.  I wasn't to be disappointed on this afternoon.........

As the rain passed eastwards over Suilven the hill was temporarily obscured.  When it emerged, the flanks of the hill were washed with a rainbow........

.....which spread right across the width of the hill in a band of colour.  So intense was the colour that it was reflected across the the calm water of the bay.  I was absolutely transfixed by this natural light show, which lasted for some ten minutes before fading.

The passing of the rain was followed by some very clear air as the temperature dipped.  The Coigach hills were now pin-sharp silhouettes on the sky under a defined low bank of cloud, heralding the next element of the light show.......

As the early evening sun dipped below the cloud bank it fired the rocky gneiss shore of Eilean Mor (big island) with an intense warm light which didn't quite wxtend across to the mainland shore.  The effect was to highlight the island as if in a spotlight and to throw the reflection back across the water.  My paddling pace had now slowed to a trickle as I watched the light slowly changing across this huge and ancient landscape.

Turning into Loch Kirkaig, I headed over to the north side of the loch to stay in the sunshine as I paddled the last few kilometers to Inverkirkaig with the western peak of Suilven as my headmark.  It was a truly beautiful evening to finish a very fine day of sea kayaking  :o)


  1. Superb, Ian. Every day we are "transfixed" by the dramatic beauty of this land. It changes, moment by moment, even as you stand in one place. And the rainbows... Best wishes. Duncan.

  2. Thanks Duncan - we get plenty of rain to make rainbows, and sooner or later the sun has to come out too ! :o)

    Best wishes to you both

  3. Lovely set of pictures. You caught the rainbow well but the second last one with the light & shades is just awesome.

  4. Thanks Jay, a real case of "right place, right time"!

    Kind regards