Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Split Rock and a tropical beach at Clachtoll

Heading north around Rubha Leumair we got our first view of "Split Rock" formation at Clachtoll.  The name Clachtoll translates as "stone hollow" which may refer to this feature.

Closer in, it became obvious that there is a good gap at the base of the rock and ath half tide or above it is possible to paddle between the two parts.  The rock here is not Gneiss, but appears to be a type of Old Red Sandstone.

We ate lunch on yet another superb beach in the Bay of Clachtoll.  The tropical feel was enhanced by temperatures of 28 degrees Celcius - for those reading from abroad this is definitely not the norm for Scotland in May (or any other month for that matter) !

Tropical beaches often have colourful Bougainvillea growing nearby - the Thrift (Armeria maritima) stood in very nicely if a little more delicately coloured.

We basked in the warmth, just enjoying the moment.


  1. Hi Ian

    That used to be a favourite haunt of mine - what a shame the old 'campsite' has become what it has.

    Many great memories from Clachtoll - including watching an otter around the base of Split Rock for over an hour...and swimming in rather less tropical temperatures than you enjoyed after long days on the crag.

    Still a very special place.

  2. In between, it's always great to be able to paddle in between. I liked that one. :) Nice flowers as well. :)

  3. Hi Will, Yes, the campsite has lost a bit of charm unfortunately. There were folk in swimming at both Achmelvich and Clachtoll - mostly in wetsuits though!

    Hi Mia, I love to paddle gaps like this; it's always an adventure to see what's the other side :o)

    Kind Regards