Tuesday, 19 June 2012

South from Achmelvich

After lunch at Clachtoll we headed back to Achmelvich, the afternoon sun warm on our backs.  From here I would continue south with the intention of paddling right back to our base at Inverkirkaig. 

South from Achmelvich lies the narrow inlet of Loch Roe. The entrance takes a sharp double turn before opening out into a pleasant loch with woods at its head.  This is the view from seaward showing how difficult the entrance is to identify - it's there somewhere!

 Continuing south, the point of Rubha Rodha was reflecting back the heat of the afternoon.

Past the point one is in Loch Inver.  The loch and town of Lochinver are dominated by the dramatic shape of Suilven (Pillar Mountain).  Suilven has a peculiar chameleon quality in that it looks completely different from different viewpoints.  From Lochinver the outline is unmistakeable.

Continuing across the loch, the island of Soyea was my next destination.  Whether I'd be able to land was another matter; the map was less than encouraging with no obvious spots shown.


  1. Such diversity in the "wild places" you love, Ian. simply stunning. Duncan.

  2. Thanks Duncan, it's just a stunning area :o)

    Kind Regards